Conditions for puchases and downloads of e-books and music

1.   Unauthorized synchronization use, copying, retail, hiring, lending, broadcast and public performance of our e-books and music is prohibited.


2.   The copyright and recording rights in the e-books and music on this website are owned by Academia de Desarrollo Humano. If you breach any of our terms and conditions, we reserve the right to take action.

3.   All our licences are designed to be straightforward and concise. The following terms and conditions are designed to explain what you can and can''t do with our music.

Downloading your ebooks & music distribution policy

Reporting your e-books and music usage

Changes to your production

Using our e-books and music in other ways

Public performance of your production

Cancellations and Refund Policy

E-books and Sounds Recordings

VAT changes


If you are unsure about any aspect of music use please call us on +57 (311) 264 8278 or email


3.1. Downloading and distribution policy of e-books and music

If you wish to download e-books and music you must select a user type from the options available. After purchasing your e-books or tracks, your licence will be emailed to you automatically.


3.2. Reporting your e-books and music use

As with any music used in productions for broadcast or cinema, you’ll need to fill in a music cue sheet. Please send a copy of the cue sheet to Academia de Desarrollo Humano. You can either post us the copy of the completed forms to:

Academia de Desarrollo Humano,

Calle 109A#17-52,

Bogota, Colombia.

Or email the details to


3.3. Changes to your production

The download rate covers use of the track in only one production. If you want to use the same track in two different productions you will need to download the track twice. Any changes to your original production, trailers etc, will classify as a ‘new’ production.

If you need to use several tracks in your production(s), or if you need lots of versions of tracks, a blanket licence will usually work out cheaper. Our rate card lists all available options for blanket licences, or call our sales team on +57 (311) 264 8278 for more details.

3.4 Using our music in other ways

Our standard licences are issued for synchronizing our music with your pictures (audio-visual use). Music-only productions (such as audio-only CDs) require a special licence agreement, without which, music may not be re-recorded, duplicated or re-sold. Please contact us for details.

3.5. Public performance of your production

La Academia de Desarrollo Humano is a member of the Performing Right Society (PRS) in the UK and equivalent overseas societies. This means that every public performance (broadcast, website use, live events etc) of your production needs to be covered by a public performance licence. It is the responsibility of the broadcaster, live music venue or website owner (not the production company) to clear this licence with the local performing rights society.

The societies then divide up this licence fee income amongst composers and publishers whose music has been used. This is why it is important for production companies to fill in cue sheets so the broadcaster can give the local performing rights society information on what music it has used.

If you wish to pre-clear the US cinematic rights or other US public performance rights direct with Academia de Desarrollo Humano, please call us for details.

Academia de Desarrollo Humano owns all of its sound recordings, so no additional PPL (Phonographic Performance Limited) licence is required for public performance of our sound recordings.


3.6. Cancellation & Refund Policy

If you request in writing to cancel your licence fee within 30 days confirming that the music has not been used and that any sound files in your possession have been deleted, Academia de Desarrollo Humano undertakes to cancel your licence and issue a credit to your account or credit card.

3.7. E-books and Sound Recordings

The copyright and recording rights in the e-books and sounds are made available under license from Academia de Desarrollo Humano on behalf of;

All the E-books y Sounds are subject to copyright and by proceeding to download e-book or sound recordings you agree to the following terms and conditions:

E-books and Sounds Recordings must not be re-recorded duplicated or resold without the express written consent of Academia de Desarrollo Humano.

Transfer copying or duplication of any of the e-book or sound is strictly prohibited unless specifically authorized in writing by Academia de Desarrollo Humano, except for the purpose of specific audio and/or visual synchronization by the licensee.

Where any music can be heard in either the foreground or background of any sound-effect file, the user is solely responsible for obtaining the necessary clearances from the music copyright owners before using the sound in any production.

In the event of a breach of any of these terms action may be taken against you directly by the owner of the copyright or Academia de Desarrollo Humano.