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Conditions of the education contract for online and distance courses


1.       This text and the conditions of use constitute the general framework of the education contract signed by the centre and the student. The registration e-mail and the other existing e-mail communications represent the particular conditions of each contract.

2.       For purpose of this contract, the parties are defined as the “centre”, or analogous expressions, to refer to Human Development Academy (Academia de Desarrollo Humano); and the“user”, “student” or analogous expressions, to refer to the person contracting the education service.

3.       This contract and the conditions of use are available to the user in the websites,,,, and,  and at the moment of registration to the course. The user is not subject to this contract at the moment of registration,but rather at the moment he or she makes any payment, an act that is interpreted as full adherence to this contract.

4.       The centre guarantees the student the right to access all of the benefits contracted in the course, with the student having the right to use the services included in the modality contracted. All of the services are detailed and available to the student in the information e-mails and on the web page.

5.       Given that there are third parties on the internet that disseminate information about our courses and that we cannot control this information, the only binding information is that published and communicated through the official web page and direct communications with the centre.

6.       The user expressly states that he or she knows, understand and accepts these general conditions and the conditions of use, as well as knowing the course´s prices, duration and services, which he/she can consult in the informative e-mails and on the web page. He or she also declares that he/she is of legal age and has the legal capacity required for accessing the center’s website and contracting the contracting performed through them.

7.       The centre reserves the right to make any modifications it considers appropriate without prior warning in relation to the content of the websites, the conditions for their use, or general contracting conditions. These modifications could be made through the websites or any legally admissible form and will be of obligatory compliance during the time they are published on the websites until such time as they are validly modified by subsequent ones. However, the centre reserves the right in determined cases to apply certain Particular Contracting Conditions when it considers appropriate, announcing them in due time and form.

8.       The students will have the right to be informed promptly of any circumstances related to the course chosen and will be able to contact the centre to this end through the medium they consider appropriate, preferably the virtual classroom´s internal mail. This communication does not imply any additional cost to the student, who only has to cover the normal cost of the telephone call or his/her contracted internet connection. Exercises shall be sent via virtual classroom. If the student decides to do this by mail or by fax he or she will have to assume the costs involved.


Contents and methodology

9.    The student knows and accepts the structuring and composition of the materials, the conditions for their use and the particulars of the course.

10.   The program will be the one that figures on the web page or in the course outline include in the virtual classroom accessed through the web pages and

11.   The course will be developed at the discretion of tutors with practical knowledge and professional experience in the subjects to be taught. The course´s programming and contents and the tests and exercises to be conducted are based on teaching and pedagogical criteria. It will be possible to replace the group tutors if necessary, guaranteeing the professional qualification of the new tutor assigned in this clause.

12.   Upon initiating the course he or she has registered for, the user will receive a user name and password. The student will be able to use the data provided to access the virtual classroom where he or she will be able to modify the information registered at any time and correct any possible mistakes in the data. The centre communicates that the data will be visible to the other classrooms students although students will be able to configure the privacy option so that their data are not visible to other users.

13.   All of the course´s educational contents and resources will be accessed through the virtual classroom. The student will be free to study them on-screen or print them out, with the cost being met by the student in the latter case. The centre will not physically send any materials,except when is written pact by the parties.

14.   For matters related to doubts and clarifications regarding to the course´s contents, the student can contact the tutor via the virtual classroom forums or direct messages through the virtual classroom.

15.   For any technological problems (connections to the virtual classroom, advice on configuring the computer for the review of materials…) the user can contact the technical service at the e-mail:

16.   For matters related to the evaluation plan, updates, information and general pedagogical and didactic matters, the user can contact

17.   For administrative procedures and general information the user can contact

18.   Users can also contact us by WhatsApp message at +57 (314) 4208951; and by postal mails at Calle 109 A#17-52 Bogota D.C., Colombia.

19.   These services are provided during business hours, although a degree of flexibility may be possible due to teleworking.


Payments and refunds

20.   Students that meet the center’s scholarship or coupons requirements have the right to the established discount as long as they provide documentary confirmation of their compliance with the said requirements. This discount will be applicable from the date on which it is requested by the student and will not be retroactively applied.

21.   The centre will be able to establish a limit on the number of scholarships or coupons provided each time the course is held, with preference given according to the order in which the documentation is received.

22.   The student has the right to use the services during the period established in the particular conditions specified in the web page and in the e-mail communications. If in the case of force majeure the student finds him or herself unable to start the course subject to contract,the centre will return the whole amount paid, deducting a value equivalent to 20% of the regular price plus the banking cost generated. Once the course started, the student will not be refunded any amount for voluntarily leaving the course. If the centre has to cancel the course after it has started due to force majeure, the student will be returned the total amounts paid for the course.

23.   The centre will refund the students the amounts they have paid only and exclusively in the following cases: In the event of delay initiation of the course if the student is not interested in continuing and communicates as much before the course starts; and if a course is cancelled or annulled. The repayments will be made following the presentation of the corresponding receipt and once the source of repayment has been confirmed.

24.   If the student wants to extend the normal time period of the course after it has finished, he or she must make a complementary payment.

25.   The price of the course does not increase with value added tax, in accordance with numeral 6th, Art. 476 of the Colombian Tax Statutory Law.


Ownership of the materials

26.   The course contents include both original materials that are the center’s property and public use materials openly available on the internet. The center’s own materials included in the courses are published by the centre itself and normally updated every time they are republished. The total or partial reproduction of the contents published by the centre is prohibited. The intellectual property rights of the web page contents, their graphic design and codes belong to the centre and their reproduction,distribution, public communication and transformation are therefore prohibited.Except for personal and private use. It is also prohibited to reproduce,transmit, distribute, public exhibit or create works derived from the original materials, except for personal and private use. The use of any method to reveal or duplicate the didactic or technological methodology for any purpose that is neither personal nor private is also prohibited.

27.   Any use of materials contrary to the intellectual property regulations could be persecuted in accordance with current legislation.

28.   The students gran Creative Commons Attribution (CCBY) license to all of the personal or group works they produce during the course, including research studies or comments made in forums, through which they share their work and facilitate its use principally on the internet or other media htto://, except the personal and private responses which he choose to keep reserved.


Personal data and forums

29.   In accordance with what is established in Statutory Law 1581/2012 on Protection of Data of a Personal Nature, we inform you that the data obtain from this form will be incorporated into an automated database under the responsibility of Human Development Academy (Academia de Desarrollo Humano) with the aim of attending to your consultations and sending your information that may be of interest to you. You can exercise your rights to access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by writing to us at the following address: Calle 109A # 17-52 Bogota, Colombia.

30.   Unless you inform us to the contrary, we will assume that your data have not been modified, that you will notify us of any changes and that we have your consent to use them in order to substantiate the relationship between the parties and to deliver the contracted training.

31.   From the moment of registration using the registry form, the user expressly authorizes the processing of his or her personal data by the centre for the ends specified.

32.   Once the course has started, the students consent to share with other students basic personal details, such as their name and e-mail address. Students that so wish will be able to edit their profile and hide this information from others.

33.   For their part, the students commit themselves not to save other students´ data or to communicate with them without requesting their express consent.

34.   Communication in the forums between the parties and with the others students, tutors and administrators will employ respectful and non-offensive language. The centre will be able to eliminate any information not appropriate to the contents and ends of the course.

35.   The centre will not use any spamming techniques and will only process the data that user sends through the electronic forms provided in the website or e-mail messages.

36.   The centre will be able to communicate with the student during the course or prior to it in order to announce the next course initiation dates, or in relation to other communications related to the studies.

37.   The students commit themselves to make good use of the informatic resources the centre makes available to them in on-line course.The password each student is given is personal and not-transferable. Any fraudulent use of this password and the consequences derived from this will be the full responsibility of its owner, while the centre is authorized to make any legal action it consider appropriate in defense of its rights.

38.   The right of access to the classroom corresponds to the student and cannot be ceded to a third party without the center’s consent.

39.   The student commits not to participate in unauthorized activities to access informatics system belonging either to the centre or to third parties, or in unauthorized activities of access to,alteration or manipulation of information belonging either to the centre or to third parties, in accordance with what is stipulated in the current regulations on the protection of personal data.


Technical services

40.   The centre commits itself to keeping the virtual classroom functioning perfectly and to ensuring it functioning perfectly and to ensuring functions without any problems in Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers(from version 3.6).

41.   The student should also have certain programs, such as a reader of PDF documents, Flash files, videos and files with .doc and .xls extensions, and have Java option installed in his or her browser.

42.   The centre uses pop-up windows to show the student information. For the services to function correctly, the student should allow the use of pop-ups for the websites and

43.   The user consents to the use of cookies and should have them activated with the aim of facilitating his or her navigation through the different pages of this website and keeping the sessions personalized.

44.   The student must have computer equipment and an internet connection that are suitable and well-configured for use of the classroom, with all of the related costs covered by the student.

45.   The minimum recommended velocity for receiving the course without problems is 512 kbps, although as this is relative concept it can be considered that if the user finds normal browsing on the internet to be satisfactory, including the display of YouTube videos, then he or she will also be able to receive the course satisfactory.

46.   The centre will not accept any responsibility for incorrect installation or configuration of the student´s equipment that stops him or her from using the classroom; nor will it assume responsibility for any technical service the student´s computer equipment may need to function correctly.

47.   The student knows and accepts that not being able to start the course due to bad installation or configuration of his or her computer equipment or internet connection shall not be a reason for reimbursing the cost of the course.  The centre will not be responsible for any delays or failures produced by the functioning or its technological architecture or any interruptions or bad functioning of the service contracted when resulting from breakdowns produced by natural disasters such earthquakes, flooding,lighting or fires; situations of force majeure; situations of extreme urgency such as wars, military operations, civil disturbances, strikes, lockouts; or when outside of its reasonable control. In the same way, and without intending to produce and exhaustive list, the following elements are also considered to be outside of the center’s reasonable control: the student´s modem, the user´s computer system or device, connection software, navigation software, applets, activex controls and plugins of the browser programme viruses, commuted telephone network, ISDN, frame relay, cable, satellite and any other transport or telecommunications infrastructure used by the student.


Evaluation, feedback and certification

48.   Course achievement is measured using test-type questions and it is possible to include other obligatory and gradable exercises.

49.   The students´ opinions will be gathered and analyzed through satisfaction surveys on the contents and on the role of the tutors.

50.   The student have the right to make suggestions and complaints, and there will therefore be a mechanism through which they can express them and receive a response.

51.   Once the course has been successfully finished, the system will issue a downloadable certificate digitally signed and legally valid as a Continuing Education, no-official training course. A certificate of registration in the course can also be issued if requested by the student. The issuing of physical copies of certificates will also be possible following payments of the established fees.


Admission criteria

52.   The student declares that he or she complies with the admission criteria: a good level of reading and writing in the language in which the course is being given; preferably a university education experience or linkage with development cooperation or humanitarian aid organizations; and good enough computer skills to navigate the internet and perform basic activities with the files.



53.   The centre also reserves the faculty to make any civil or criminal legal action it considers appropriate for the illegal use of the websites and theirs contents or for noncompliance with the conditions mentioned here.

The relationship between the user and the centre shall be governed by the current regulations applicable in Colombia. In the event of any controversy, the parties shall submit their conflict to arbitration or take to them to the ordinary court of the city of Bogota, D.C., Colombia.